grabber 3.1.0 for Windows 10


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Imageboard-Grabber is an imageboard/booru downloader with graphical user interface. It can download thousands of images from multiple boorus automatically. Its main advantage is its very powerful naming features: just set your filename and folder using all the tokens available and conditionals, and he will generate an image-dependant one.


* Browse images from the internet

* Download huge amounts of images

* Download single images using their md5 or id

* Rename downloaded images using a formatting string, for example "%artist%/%copyright%/%character%/%md5%.%ext%" (someway like how the Firefox extension Danbooru Downloader does, see Filename for details)

* Add and remove imageboards very easily

* Multiple tabs

* Display multiple imageboards at the same time in a single tab

* Merge results from these imageboards (i.e. remove duplicates in results)

* Favorite & "View it later" tags

* Auto-completion in the search field

* Post-filtering

* Autodownload

* Can import settings from Mozilla Firefox extension "danbooru downloader"

* Can add entries to a database for each image or tag while downloading

* Blacklist

* Fullscreen